Month: November 2018

Great Japanese Food

You know you like to eat good food so if you have never had Japanese food before, you are in for a real treat. Japanese cuisine features a variety of different foods that are carefully and elegantly prepared. Usually, the food is made with ingredients that are in season but that varies with the restaurant.

You will find great Japanese food and a splendid dining experience at any of the matsuhisa locations. It is food prepared well and served in style. You will find many different dishes to suite your tastes. Do bring a big appetite because it is all very tasty.

You might think that it is all about sushi and raw fish. That is just a part of it. Sushi is not the only Japanese food and it is not all vegetarian either. The servings also look small but you get many different dishes served in a single meal so you do fill up.

Start with some good appetizers such as tempura or soups. You will find that many condiments are used and this adds a good bit of variety to whatever you choose to eat. When you order, try new things on a regular basis. You will find the menu to be filled with a good number of selections.

The prices are in the middle to upper range, depending on what you get. After all, you are going for a great dining experience so you should expect to spend some money. Don’t worry though. There are plenty of different menu options so you can pick what is best for your budget and tastes.

You will find that there are many vegetables in Japanese dishes. As a matter of fact, vegetables make up most of the Japanese dishes. At the same time, you will not find very much in the way of vegetarian meals available at all. That is just because it is not so traditional there.

Even many of the vegetable dishes that do not include meat are made with fish broth or fish flakes. There is much in the way of seafood since seafood is a huge part of the Japanese diet. Indeed, Japan has one of the largest, most staggering fishing industries in the world.

If you are not into seafood, you will find it a bit harder to get many items from the menu but there are options that do not contain any fish or seafood ingredients. It is just that if you do not eat seafood for reasons of religion or otherwise, the choices are fewer.

There are many interesting facts about Japanese food. You do not have to know everything about it to eat it or to like it but it helps to know a bit about the culture, the customs, and the way it is all served. It is very different from American food.

matsuhisa locationsmany interesting facts about Japanese food

For example, the choice of the dishes used is very important in Japanese dining. You will see quaint little dishes and nicely painted bowls and plates. There is always an element of elegance to the dishes used.