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Thing You Can Do With Gin

Gin is a category of spirits that has a broad variety of styles, origins, and flavors. It is made from juniper berries, and therefore has a strong juniper taste. It was created in the 17th century as a method of treatment for kidney problems, but was also used to treat stomach pains, gallstones, and gout. Then people realized it was delicious and got you drunk, so they started drinking it for fun.

Gin soaked raisins

Gin has a lot of other great uses though. Gin soaked raisins are delicious and they also have loads of anti-inflammatory properties, which is great for treating arthritis. Soak you raisins for a week and then each a handful a day. A dab of gin also makes a nice aftershave. The alcohol cleans and tightens your skin, and then you smell like juniper for the rest of the day.

Gin is also great at removing red wine stains, deodorizing shoes, glazing pies and other flaky pastries, washing windows, pickling vegetables, cleaning jewelry, and using as an air freshener. Gin is the all-purpose liquor. If you’re cold, sipping hot gin like it’s tea will warm you up in no time. It’s also great to drink if you have a cold or are just feeling a bit under the weather.

It’s also the main ingredient in a refreshing cocktail. A Gin Fizz makes a great dessert drink, and a glass of gin and tomato juice makes the perfect stomach-settling hangover cure. Flapper girls in New York in the ’20’s used gin and tomato choice as their hangover cure of choice. Gin has a long and rich history of medicinal and recreational uses, has so many uses today, and so many benefits, that it’s no wonder is such a popular and well-used spirit.