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Why is Organic the Way to Go?

Nowadays, there are organic options everywhere. From organic crackers to organic juice, you can fill your pantry and refrigerator with organic only products. However, they will cost you a bit more each month. This leaves many consumers asking themselves, why is organic the way to go? Here are some reasons why.

What is organic and what does it mean for me?

Certified organic means that products are not allowed to use pesticides or any non-natural fertilizers when farming. There is a list created by the National Organic Standards Board of products that are harmful to your health. If a farmer wants to be organic, they must not use any of the chemicals on the list. This means that the bad stuff won’t be found in your food.

What are the benefits of organic?

In addition to keeping the bad stuff out, there are so many benefits to going organic.

·    When there aren’t any chemicals to delude the fruits and vegetables, there are more nutrients.

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·    Chemicals don’t taste good. When there are no chemicals, the natural flavors can come out bigger and bolder than ever before. This means sweeter fruit and satisfying vegetables.

·    Antioxidant power! There have been studies that compare conventional and organic green vegetables. In all cases, the organic vegetables had more antioxidants. In some the difference was a whopping 120% more! So you’ll feel better when you eat organic.

·    Organic is innately looking for best practices and that also means the best use of soil and land. Organic farmers typically preserve the integrity of the soil, which helps the Earth.

·    No guessing! When you eat Organic, there is not guesswork as to what you are putting into your mouth. If it says it tomato sauce, then the main ingredient is tomatoes (with some herbs for flavoring).

There are so many reasons why organic is the way to go from your healthy to sustainability. Why not give it a try?