Your Catering Dream Comes True

Dear readers. It takes all kinds to stir the merry pot. Of course, they will not all be stirring it at the same time. You do know what they say about this. Too many cooks spoil the broth. And then there is also this old saying. If you cannot take the heat in the kitchen, then you had best be leaving it. Rather leave all cooking preparations to the head chef and his merry team of sous chefs and pastry chefs, even salad tossers.

Whoever said that the preparation of a raw, uncooked salad was not a culinary art needs to revisit his reading on the matter. Perhaps he also fits the bill of one of two kinds of people. In the context of cooking and catering, and tossing salads, there are two kinds of people. One the one side, preferably far away from the kitchen, are those who would dearly love to entertain with gourmet food but do not have the time or expertise to do so.

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And on the other side, deep down in the heart of the kitchen heat, are those who love to cook and prep. For this work, the folks of the catering avalon nj kitchen cannot wait to get up for in the morning. And those of you who dream of the work, don’t forget that there is a rewarding career waiting for you out there. Perhaps you would like to enroll for an apprenticeship stint with these folks. You will learn plenty.

And do not forget to always put your hands up for waiting tables. Whoever said that the work of the waiter was not part of the culinary arts needs to revisit the subject matter. In the meantime, readers, do enjoy your feast. It is on the way.